ComoreTel® is constantly seeking to increase the geographic coverage of ComoreTel Global Toll Free service. All companies operating major fixed or mobile switched networks have the potential to become ComoreTel Access Prtners.

Key benefits for ComoreTel Access Partners include:

New Source of Revenue
Every ComoreTel® Global Toll Free minute originated on your network results in hard currency. ComoreTel’s patented network administration process identifies calls from each specific origination network, including mobile networks, so that we can establish specific settlements for our Access Partners.

No Major Capital Investment
ComoreTel® Global Toll Free can be implemented on your existing switched network. No Intelligent Network capability is required.

One-time Implementation, Long-term rewards
ComoreTel® Global Toll Free can be quickly implemented, so the time to revenue is very attractive. There are virtually no on-going operational costs.

Single Agreement
The single ComoreTel® Toll Free Access Partner contract opens your existing network to a revenue generating potential of the global marketplace. The contract can also be created as bilateral allowing the Access Partner to operate as a Service Provider as well, enabling existing customers to both make and receive international toll free services.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner as a vendor or a customer.